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Delivery Bikers deliver Chicken, Egg, Mutton and Fish at your Doorstep!

Fresh chicken, mutton, fish, organic eggs and a range of exotic meats available for home delivery!

Cut meats and cleaned fish ready to be prepped for cooking any dish to save you some time and leave the kitchen less messy.

Choose from our wide range of country and farm chickens that are sold in specifically cut parts for ready cooking. Our meats are hygienically cleaned and processed in well-sanitised facilities to ensure customers receive fresh quality products with juiciest bits in every morsel.

Our mutton curry cuts with bones will be ready for marinating once delivered.

Our fish menu is updated as per availability to ensure that fresh fish of the day is available for our customers for their family’s favourite curries. So, stay updated to see if one of your rare favourites have arrived! We supply whole fish and cut and cleaned fishes for specific dishes, both traditional Bihari delicacies and other Indian and international dishes.

Our locally procured organic free-range eggs are rich in proteins and vitamin D. these eggs are reared in cruelty-free environment and complement every desire of the palate – be it as a boiled, poached and fried or scrambled egg, as omelettes, bhurjis or sunny-side ups or as part of egg curries or toppings for noodles and fried rice.

The foods are packed hygienically to ensure zero contact with deliver agents and will be delivered within 30 minutes to any part of the city. So, even if you have a spur of the moment hankering for a dish, we’ll cut down the prep time by delivering ready to cook meat.

So, go ahead and order the choice cuts for your meaty marvel, our bikers are a few clicks away!

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